3 Possible Reasons Why You Do Not Want to Date Again

You desperately want a new lease on your dating life, but you never seem to succeed. It’s like you’re on a losing streak. Every time you meet someone you like, online or offline, it starts off well but ends quite negatively. You can’t see any other reason except for the possibility that the people you meet do not like you. That’s not the real reason, however. Here are three possible reasons why you can’t seem to get out of the dating pit, and you don’t want to date again.

1. You may be too close to a friend or some friends of the opposite sex.

Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there might be one in particular who is extra close to you, close enough to you to make some people think that the two of you are in a relationship. While it is never wrong to be friends with the opposite sex, it is important to set boundaries so that there is a clear distinction between your friends and your special someone.

2. You haven’t recovered from your last heartbreak. Or your ex still gets in touch with you from time-to-time.

If you were recently involved in a relationship that ended sourly, maybe you haven’t fully recovered yet from the heartbreak it caused because going back to biker dating sites does not interest you at the moment. Maybe a part of you is still fixated on that previous relationship. Or you maybe your ex is still bothering you, calling and sending you text messages from time-to-time? If this is what’s happening, you will really have a difficult time moving on and going back to the dating circle.

3. You have a single friend of the same sex who is especially close to you.

This might sound a bit weird for some since it involves a friend of the same sex, but it is really possible. Spending most of your free time with a particular single friend can give you problems in the dating field. Since you hang out with this person a lot, some people will hesitate to approach you. In addition to this, because he/she is the only one you spend most of your time with, you won’t have a chance to look for or invite someone else to join you. To change this, have some alone time. Try going out to dinner by your lonesome, or maybe you can spend an afternoon at the park alone.

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