4 Ways to Find Out If Your Date is Single or Not

Joining an online dating site may have opened a lot of opportunities for you. You suddenly have a lot of friends and your social life is in full swing. You meet a lot of interesting people every day, and soon enough, you find one who stands out from the rest. But since you have been in bad relationships in the past, you are now extra careful. If possible, you’ll want to find out everything that you can about your date before the day that you meet each other for the first time arrives.

No worries, though, as there are four easy ways to find out if your date is single or taken. (You’d want to ask him/her, but it’s your first time to meet personally, so it’s going to be awkward and difficult.

1. Look at how he or she reacts to people.

If your date is taken, he/she won’t be looking at other men or women while you are talking or strolling. While there are some who still steal glances at the opposite sex even when they are taken, most of those who do this are single men and women. Additionally, single men and women like people-watching and spending time with friends. You can ask your date about his/her friends to find out what her relationship with others is like.

2. He/she is not afraid to make eye contact, especially when you are conversing.

If your date cowboy looks at you while you are talking or while you are in a conversation, there is a high possibility that he/she is single. It does not have to be direct eye contact, especially on a first date. As long as his/her face is positioned towards you, as if expecting you also to look at her/him, you are safe.

3. Wait for the weekend to see if he/she communicates with you.

Single men and women always have time to communicate with you, even during the weekend. So, if your date fails to reply to your messages or answer your calls on weekends, he or she might be busy with someone else. You can always ask him or her, though, if you want to be sure.

4. Is he or she consistent in communicating with you?

After your first date, if things go well, you should expect to be in constant communication with your date. If he/she suddenly disappears or fails to communicate with you for a few days or weeks, some explanation is needed. Yes, you may not yet have a formal relationship, but you still deserve to know because you just went out with him/her. If he or she is sincere and serious, he/she won’t just disappear without you knowing anything about his/her whereabouts or plans.

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