Bathroom Makeover

Renovating a bathroom yourself can be  incredibly daunting and if you’re not  organized or decisive trust me it can  drag on for ages there are just so many  things to consider and choices to make  we’re going to take you through it step  by step so when it’s your turn it’ll go  as smoothly as possible so step one what  have you got to work with  so here is your typical old-fashioned  bathroom really tight really dated there  are four different types of tiles going  on in here  ugly old shower just squeezed into this  corner the toilet over there it actually  takes up the majority of the corner and  the vanity unit well that is completely  clapped out there’s not much we can do  with this cosmetically.

I think we should  rip it all out and start again this is a  really old bathroom so I’m fairly  certain that there is asbestos in here  somewhere that may even be some I’m safe  to rip out the old vanity unit because  that wasn’t attached but for the rest of  it I do think that I should get in the  experts and that’s the next step plan on  paper first while they get stuck into  the nasty stuff let’s do the fun stuff  and work on our design because our  bathroom is small it’s important to  maximize the space and that starts with  a scale diagram young families always  want to bath and our bathroom didn’t  have one so barf and shower can take up  one space we’ve gone for a very slimline  vanity unit if we include it on the  right it gives us a whole wall free to  include plenty of storage also shifting  the toilet behind the door gives us more  practical floor space  now where possible.

I try and say avoid  moving the plumbing it’s going to save  you a lot of money but to create a  better bathroom in this case the cost is  more than justified so that’s step four  moving plumbing and electrics  now our bathroom will be practical and  add value to the home  the most essential step when you’re  replacing your bathroom is waterproofing  what we’re doing here is we’re applying  a waterproof membrane it’s brush on and  what it does once it’s dries it stops  the water from permeating through the  tiles through the wall and into the  structure of the building now it is a  job you can do yourself depending on  where you live but if you ask me

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