Bathroom Makeover

Renovating a bathroom yourself can be  incredibly daunting and if you’re not  organized or decisive trust me it can  drag on for ages there are just so many  things to consider and choices to make  we’re going to take you through it step  by step so when it’s your turn it’ll go  as smoothly as possible so step one what  have you got to work with  so here is your typical old-fashioned  bathroom really tight really dated there  are four different types of tiles going  on in here  ugly old shower just squeezed into this  corner the toilet over there it actually  takes up the majority of the corner and  the vanity unit well that is completely  clapped out there’s not much we can do  with this cosmetically.

I think we should  rip it all out and start again this is a  really old bathroom so I’m fairly  certain that there is asbestos in here  somewhere that may even be some I’m safe  to rip out the old vanity unit because  that wasn’t attached but for the rest of  it I do think that I should get in the  experts and that’s the next step plan on  paper first while they get stuck into  the nasty stuff let’s do the fun stuff  and work on our design because our  bathroom is small it’s important to  maximize the space and that starts with  a scale diagram young families always  want to bath and our bathroom didn’t  have one so barf and shower can take up  one space we’ve gone for a very slimline  vanity unit if we include it on the  right it gives us a whole wall free to  include plenty of storage also shifting  the toilet behind the door gives us more  practical floor space  now where possible.

I try and say avoid  moving the plumbing it’s going to save  you a lot of money but to create a  better bathroom in this case the cost is  more than justified so that’s step four  moving plumbing and electrics  now our bathroom will be practical and  add value to the home  the most essential step when you’re  replacing your bathroom is waterproofing  what we’re doing here is we’re applying  a waterproof membrane it’s brush on and  what it does once it’s dries it stops  the water from permeating through the  tiles through the wall and into the  structure of the building now it is a  job you can do yourself depending on  where you live but if you ask me

Choosing A Restaurant For Your Date

The restaurant you would choose for a date should offer you the occasion for a fruitful verbal interaction.

The background music should be soft and soothing just enough to create a musical ambiance.

Secondly the couples require both privacy and pleasure and so the service provided at the restaurant should be prompt and systematic. Darkness is not at all desirable. The restaurant should have enough light to see each other’s face.

There is no need to show unnecessary extravagance. You should always dine at a place, which is both affordable and at the same time generates a sense of aristocracy.

It is better to choose a familiar spot in order to avoid unnecessary harassments.

A restaurant or a cafeteria should be such where you can offer your date, items of her choice. These variable factors when put together will surely make your dating experience a pleasurable one.

Dating Ideas For Teenagers

Dating for teenagers is in fact an experience of fun and entertainment. However, they are still very young to get involved in any sort of serious relationship. Dating for them is a chance to know each other more closely and an opportunity to share their personal views and likings.

The three most common and exciting dating tips for teenagers include inviting your partner to an exciting movie, a nice dinner in a well furnished restaurant and an exciting dance or a game. For teenagers dating helps in learning and analyzing the personal traits of a person. At the same time, it also helps you to live life to the fullest.

For those who have just stepped out from the world of the adolescents and stepped into the world of the adults, dating is an excellent opportunity to explore life and try to see the unseen, to know the unknown and to discover the undiscovered.

Relation Conflicts

We all have our conflicts in our relationship! We never heard about the “perfect relation” since. But even conflicts can help you  to strengthen your relationship if you know how to handle the problems you have. Here we have some tips for you how you can handle different conflicts in common situations like arguing or etc. You will see that talking about the same thing in a different way will help you achieving your goals. A perfect relation in a understanding atmosphere. In our related links you will find tips on handling arguing situatuations and one of the most common problems; “to be the jealousy type”. Take a look and you will see how much succes you can achieve in a simple way.

  • Jealousy – Here you will get tips about living a relationship in a comfortable and relaxed way. You will also find usefull information for solving different relationship conflicts and much more. You are just a step away!
  • Discussion – The Expressive skill and the Empathic Responding skill are at the core of all Relationship Enhancement discussions. The Discussion skill provides the framework in which you and your partner use these two basic skills to explore a specific issue in your relationship.

For Women: 3 Signs That Say He Likes You

You finally found someone you like. You talk to him online. You’ve gone out on dates several times. You’ve even met some of his friends. Despite this, you still do not know where you stand. You’re still not sure what he thinks about you. You still do not know if he really likes you. If you want to find out how he feels, there are signs that you need to watch out for.

1. If he finds time to get in touch with you from day-to-day, trying to find out if you’re okay or if you got home safe.

If a guy does not like you, he won’t waste his time sending you a text message or calling you to find out if you got home safe after work. He won’t call you every day to find out how you’re doing. He won’t be asking how your day was before going to sleep. He won’t waste his time calling or sending a message to say good morning after he wakes up. If he likes you, he’ll want to talk to trucker dating nearby you even when it is the weekend, and even when he is out with family or friends.

2. If a guy likes you, he looks at you differently. Rather, he stares at you.

If a guy likes you, he will not be looking anywhere else when you’re together. Several times, you’ll catch him looking – or staring – at you. At times, when you catch him, he’ll smile at you. If he looks at you straight in the eyes, or if he stares at your face a lot, he is definitely into you.

3. A guy likes you if he does his best to please you or make you happy.

If a guy likes you, he’ll find ways to please you and make you happy even when he is busy. For example, if you’ve had a bad day, he’ll bring you flowers and chocolates (or whatever else makes you happy) at work (in school or at home). He’ll do little things to satisfy you. He’ll plan your dates according to your preferences or suggestions. If a guy likes you, he’ll do anything to make you happy all the time.

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3 Possible Reasons Why You Do Not Want to Date Again

You desperately want a new lease on your dating life, but you never seem to succeed. It’s like you’re on a losing streak. Every time you meet someone you like, online or offline, it starts off well but ends quite negatively. You can’t see any other reason except for the possibility that the people you meet do not like you. That’s not the real reason, however. Here are three possible reasons why you can’t seem to get out of the dating pit, and you don’t want to date again.

1. You may be too close to a friend or some friends of the opposite sex.

Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there might be one in particular who is extra close to you, close enough to you to make some people think that the two of you are in a relationship. While it is never wrong to be friends with the opposite sex, it is important to set boundaries so that there is a clear distinction between your friends and your special someone.

2. You haven’t recovered from your last heartbreak. Or your ex still gets in touch with you from time-to-time.

If you were recently involved in a relationship that ended sourly, maybe you haven’t fully recovered yet from the heartbreak it caused because going back to biker dating sites does not interest you at the moment. Maybe a part of you is still fixated on that previous relationship. Or you maybe your ex is still bothering you, calling and sending you text messages from time-to-time? If this is what’s happening, you will really have a difficult time moving on and going back to the dating circle.

3. You have a single friend of the same sex who is especially close to you.

This might sound a bit weird for some since it involves a friend of the same sex, but it is really possible. Spending most of your free time with a particular single friend can give you problems in the dating field. Since you hang out with this person a lot, some people will hesitate to approach you. In addition to this, because he/she is the only one you spend most of your time with, you won’t have a chance to look for or invite someone else to join you. To change this, have some alone time. Try going out to dinner by your lonesome, or maybe you can spend an afternoon at the park alone.

4 Ways to Find Out If Your Date is Single or Not

Joining an online dating site may have opened a lot of opportunities for you. You suddenly have a lot of friends and your social life is in full swing. You meet a lot of interesting people every day, and soon enough, you find one who stands out from the rest. But since you have been in bad relationships in the past, you are now extra careful. If possible, you’ll want to find out everything that you can about your date before the day that you meet each other for the first time arrives.

No worries, though, as there are four easy ways to find out if your date is single or taken. (You’d want to ask him/her, but it’s your first time to meet personally, so it’s going to be awkward and difficult.

1. Look at how he or she reacts to people.

If your date is taken, he/she won’t be looking at other men or women while you are talking or strolling. While there are some who still steal glances at the opposite sex even when they are taken, most of those who do this are single men and women. Additionally, single men and women like people-watching and spending time with friends. You can ask your date about his/her friends to find out what her relationship with others is like.

2. He/she is not afraid to make eye contact, especially when you are conversing.

If your date cowboy looks at you while you are talking or while you are in a conversation, there is a high possibility that he/she is single. It does not have to be direct eye contact, especially on a first date. As long as his/her face is positioned towards you, as if expecting you also to look at her/him, you are safe.

3. Wait for the weekend to see if he/she communicates with you.

Single men and women always have time to communicate with you, even during the weekend. So, if your date fails to reply to your messages or answer your calls on weekends, he or she might be busy with someone else. You can always ask him or her, though, if you want to be sure.

4. Is he or she consistent in communicating with you?

After your first date, if things go well, you should expect to be in constant communication with your date. If he/she suddenly disappears or fails to communicate with you for a few days or weeks, some explanation is needed. Yes, you may not yet have a formal relationship, but you still deserve to know because you just went out with him/her. If he or she is sincere and serious, he/she won’t just disappear without you knowing anything about his/her whereabouts or plans.