Road to Repeal is an open online community that features interesting, unique, and inspiring content about dating. We have a team of passionate and experienced writers who regularly provide the articles, videos, and other content for the blog. However, we believe that it is also important for us to reach out to the community. As such, we are encouraging anyone who wants to share his or her dating experiences – stories, tips, How-tos, and even experiments/surveys – here on Road to Repeal. If you think you have relevant content to contribute, check out the guidelines that you need to follow:


Our foremost requirement is originality. We prefer content that you created yourself. We believe that dating experiences are personal issues. Likewise, each experience is unique, so no two stories are the same. As such, originality shouldn’t be an issue. Since every content that we post on the blog is ours, we’d like you to contribute what’s yours, too; not one that you simply copy and pasted from another source. We have a team whose main task is to check contributions, so we’ll appreciate it if you follow our guidelines.

1. We do not accept copyrighted content (text, photos, video, and audio) or content lifted from another source.

2. All contributions should be about or related to dating. No promotional content, please.

3. Each contributor can submit a maximum of ____ articles/content every month. Submission of contributions is on a (daily/weekly/monthly) basis. Review of contributions is every ________ of the month. Only reviewed contributions will be posted on Road to Repeal.

4. The format for contributions: Microsoft Word, ____ font size, and ____ font style. Save as an MS Word document and as PDF.

5. Submit your contributions to: __________________ (email address and contact number). Do not forget to include a short paragraph about yourself. You can also indicate your pseudonym if you wish to use one for your by-line.