For Women: 3 Signs That Say He Likes You

You finally found someone you like. You talk to him online. You’ve gone out on dates several times. You’ve even met some of his friends. Despite this, you still do not know where you stand. You’re still not sure what he thinks about you. You still do not know if he really likes you. If you want to find out how he feels, there are signs that you need to watch out for.

1. If he finds time to get in touch with you from day-to-day, trying to find out if you’re okay or if you got home safe.

If a guy does not like you, he won’t waste his time sending you a text message or calling you to find out if you got home safe after work. He won’t call you every day to find out how you’re doing. He won’t be asking how your day was before going to sleep. He won’t waste his time calling or sending a message to say good morning after he wakes up. If he likes you, he’ll want to talk to trucker dating nearby you even when it is the weekend, and even when he is out with family or friends.

2. If a guy likes you, he looks at you differently. Rather, he stares at you.

If a guy likes you, he will not be looking anywhere else when you’re together. Several times, you’ll catch him looking – or staring – at you. At times, when you catch him, he’ll smile at you. If he looks at you straight in the eyes, or if he stares at your face a lot, he is definitely into you.

3. A guy likes you if he does his best to please you or make you happy.

If a guy likes you, he’ll find ways to please you and make you happy even when he is busy. For example, if you’ve had a bad day, he’ll bring you flowers and chocolates (or whatever else makes you happy) at work (in school or at home). He’ll do little things to satisfy you. He’ll plan your dates according to your preferences or suggestions. If a guy likes you, he’ll do anything to make you happy all the time.

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